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The girl and Mr Sweetpants

First time blogger from inner west Sydney, Australia. I live with my husband Mr Sweetpants and our charming British Shorthair cat Marlon.

I’ve thought about blogging many a time in the past – I enjoy writing, and have been told I’m not terrible at it – but until now I didn’t feel like I had a ‘hook’ upon which to hang my thoughts.

My recent engagement and wedding planning seems to be a good place to get started from – hell, people blog about much worse! Having said that, I promise it won’t become an outlet for the raving and ranting of a bridezilla.

Beyond planning our wedding, I dabble in photography and I’m currently researching an idea I’ve had for a novel – which I WILL write before senility sets in. Both of these activities will probably infiltrate this blog in some form or another.

Oh, and I just want to point out that ‘the girl most unlikely’ was not my original choice for a name, but some bastard had already taken (but seems to not be using) ‘the girl least likely’ so I had to improvise. Forgive me. And feel free to spam ‘least likely’.


Magnificent Marlon


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