…to have a baby


2012/09/02 by Elizabeth

So, after basically abandoning the blogging business after the wedding, I’ve decided to pick up the keyboard again and make the odd scribbling about my next big adventure – pregnancy.

Yes, dear reader – I’m up the duff. With child. Expecting. Preggers. It’s exciting (and slightly terrifying) times.

We’ll be 16 weeks tomorrow. Have been given the all clear so far on all the routine tests, and have seen Cletus (the foetus) twice on the big screen – once at eight weeks, where he/she looked more like a dragon than anything humanoid, and then again at 12 weeks, where the appearance was less alarming…

Cletus – 12 weeks

Oh – hi there! I’m just chilling out 🙂

We’ve told all our family, close friends and work now, but I’m yet to ‘go public’ on facebook. Part of me is still a little nervous about singing it from the rooftops just yet – that’s another reason I haven’t blogged about before now. I didn’t want to ‘tempt fate’ too much, if you know what I mean.

Thus far, I’ve felt ridiculously ‘normal’. So much so that it’s always a relief when I see the OB and we get to hear the heartbeat again. With no morning sickness, and no noticeable bump yet, it’s been hard to believe that there is something growing inside me. Although recently, I’ve been experiencing what has got to be one of the most annoying symptoms ever – dry, itchy, nipples. They don’t seem to write about THAT in any of the books… I’ve been trying everything to try and relief the itch – natural and chemical – with little success. Moo Goo is my latest hope, which is working better than anything else so far. Hopefully it will clear up soon because it’s driving me mad… but enough about my nipples.

Mr Sweetpants and I are very excited about becoming parents. We’re looking forward to our next ultrasound at 19 weeks, where we’ll hopefully find out if Cletus is a boy or a girl (I’m hopelessly impatient). I think it’s a boy, Mr thinks it’s a girl, but we’re happy either way. Our due date is 18 February – to which so many people have said “Oh – you’ll be so uncomfortable over Summer!” – yeah, thanks for that…

So, lots of preparation to do over the next six or so months. Not entirely sure where to start, but we’ll figure it out 🙂


4 thoughts on “…to have a baby

  1. Beck says:

    I think you invented a new pregnancy symptom! Hooray for you!

    For the hot weather a bucket of cold water for your feet is your new best friend

    I am very excited! Congratulations! Xxxx

    • The Girl says:

      I’m all about originality Beck – although in this case I’d rather not be a pioneer… happily the MooGoo is working wonders though – amazing stuff! And thanks for the bucket tip – I’ll get one for under my desk in preparation 😉

  2. b3atrix says:

    How fab is that? Congratulations GMU and Mr.S. Lansinoh was my nipple cream of choice.

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