…to have a productive Sunday


2011/08/07 by Elizabeth

Normally, my Sunday looks something like this:

6am – cat knocks something off dresser. Get up to let cat out. Go back to bed

7.30am – cat comes back in,  turns PS3 on (yes, really). Get up to feed cat. Go back to bed. Mr Sweetpants mumbles something about biscuits.

8.30am – cat returns, falls asleep in spot that ensures I either go numb from the waist down, or fall out of bed. Lay there thinking “fuck this, I should just get up”, but eventually doze off again.

10.30am-ish –  Mr Sweetpants springs to life and starts playing NBA2k11 on the PS3.

11am – I give in and get up.

The rest of the day is pretty much a mix of laundry, TV, aimless googling of wedding stuff, and possibly some grocery shopping. And then somehow it’s 8.30pm and time for Game of Thrones, at which point I realise that, aside from having clean knickers to wear on Monday, I’ve basically achieved nothing from my Sunday.

Today, however, was not like a normal Sunday. Today,  shit got done.

It started at 11am with our pre-wedding shoot with our fabulous photographer Karl, from Welsch Photography. We met him at Callan Park and spent about an hour trying not to giggle, pull silly faces, blink and in my case, accidentally flash the camera (perhaps a short dress was not the best wardrobe choice?).

Pretty sure I nailed Tyra's "smile with your eyes" technique

Karl was brilliant, giving us as much direction as he could, and not judging us for our appalling on camera skills. I tried my best to put all those hours watching America’s Next Top Model to good use by remembering Tyra’s “smile with your eyes” advice, which probably made me look like some kind of wild-eyed crazy woman… We won’t know how bad (or good) we actually did until we meet with Karl again in a couple of weeks to go over the photos. Can’t wait for that.

Once we farewelled Karl, it was back in the car and over the bridge to the Athol Hall open day. I had no idea what to expect from an open day, but it turns out it involves free booze, which pleased Mr Sweetpants no end. We also got to see some options for table settings and chair covers (yawn), and chat with some of their preferred suppliers, which produced an unplanned tick off the ‘to do’ list after we chatted with Ken from Diamond Chauffeur Drive.

I hadn’t looked at transport at all, figuring all we needed was something to get me and the bridal party from the hotel we’re getting ready at to Athol Hall. Ken, a grandfatherly-like gentleman, quoted us a surprisingly low amount for a nice car, and when he said he was the driver, I was sold.  Transport – done.

And finally, I’ve just now sent out the invites for my hens day. My brilliant Chief Bridesmaid, Mrs Ben, managed (with the help of Mr Ben) to book our venues while in the middle of her 29 hour labour with her first baby – totally beyond the call of duty if you ask me, and I’m so very grateful. Can’t wait for my last Saturday night as an unmarried woman!

So there you go, totally kicked Sunday’s arse. And all in time for Game of Thrones.


One thought on “…to have a productive Sunday

  1. jessanomic says:

    can’t wait for your hens!

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