…to treat her readers with contempt


2011/07/27 by Elizabeth

A dear friend of mine told me yesterday that she and her adorable husband are expecting their first child in January (Australia Day no less – incredibly fitting if you know my circle of friends). She also pointed me in the direction of the blog she has started to document this wonderful experience, which reminded me – I have a blog!

I’ve been meaning to do a new post for ages – as much has happened on the wedding planning front – but for various reasons (mostly to do with me being a lazy arse – and my all consuming addiction to ‘Don’t tell the Bride’ and ‘My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding’) I haven’t. But today that changes! What follows is my blog’s equivalent of when your favourite tv series does a cheesy clip show – it may not be very satisfying, but it will fill the gap until the writer’s come back from summer vacation.

The big stuff is done! 

The inspiration for my dress - I can't wait to see everyone's face when I come down the aisle!

As previously reported, we have had our date and venue locked in for some time. We also have our photographers booked (pre-wedding shoot in a couple of weeks – eep!), and found a relatively not-insane celebrant. So that’s all good.

And, after a really fun day dress hunting with Mrs Ben, and a not so fun day dress hunting with my dear mother, I bit the bullet and ordered my dress. It’s nothing like what I had expected to be wearing and, if I’m honest, cost way more than I ever said I would spend, but I love it.  Love it, love it, LOVE IT! Operation “lose weight to look fabulous in fabulous dress” is now in full swing, and I hope to have whipped myself back into shape come fitting time… Shockingly, there may be a rethink afoot in the shoe department (see what I did there?), but I can’t confirm or deny anything at this stage.

Materials for the invitations arrived yesterday – I’m excited about these. I don’t want to give too much away until they are posted out, but here’s a cryptic crossword style clue – “Among the dust and leather I did lay – don’t be late!” Anyone?? Answers on a postcard please.

What else… oh – I have two bridesmaids now – Mrs Ben, of course, and now my eldest niece – Miss Tall Thin Young Thing. I do hope the photographer brings some boxes for me to stand on, as the rest of the bridal party are going to make me look like an oompa loompa… In related news, I’ve also booked in a make-up artist, and have started discussions with my hairdresser about what can be done with my annoyingly fine hair.

Stuff still to do…

Where to start… flowers, cake, transport, vows, rings, honeymoon, music… Actually – can I get some views on music? Is an iPod okay for an evening reception, or will people be expecting a DJ or live band? We’re only having 50-ish people, and I just don’t know what the best option is…

I need to take the girls shopping for bridesmaid dresses, but that will probably have to a wait a little while as Mrs Ben is about to give birth any second…I’m also trying to get Mr Sweetpants into a menswear shop to look at suits he might like. I actually told him he doesn’t have to wear a full suit if he doesn’t want to – I want him to feel like himself, it is HIS big day too – but he seems keen to suit up. He even mentioned top hat and tails the other day… bless him 🙂 Actually getting him into a shop though might be a challenge.

I’m sure there’s loads of other things as well that just aren’t in my consciousness right now. At this point, if I manage to get there on the day, and not have my dress tucked into my knickers, I’ll consider the day a success.


6 thoughts on “…to treat her readers with contempt

  1. As everyone has aliases, I've chosen "Her Redness" says:

    Me? I wouldn’t do the ipod – but it’s your wedding, so you should do what you like for music.

    CHANGING THE SHOES?? Have you gone MAD? We’re all hanging for the blue SATC Manolos.

    and please please please talk Dave out of the top hat – I have photos of friends who were unsuccessful in this discussion and those should be enough argument to sway him. The only person who can carry it off is Colin Firth and even then it’s border line. He would, however, look lovely in a suit.

  2. Beck says:

    We did the ipod, and it was fine, the problem was it was on so softly and my wedding so noisy that nobody heard the music anyway.

  3. Trixie says:

    Ah. The self loathing of the fine haired. I know it well.

  4. jessanomic says:

    awww a mention… now i feel bad for not visiting earlier to see this


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