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2011/05/15 by Elizabeth

This couple look so happy in their photos. I bet they lived happily ever after

From the start of this crazy journey, I’ve always maintained that photography is one area of the wedding that I was not willing to go ‘el cheapo’ on – I want us to make a significant investment in making sure we have beautiful photos to look back on when we’re old and wrinkly.

While Mr Sweetpants agreed in principle that good photos were important, he needed a little more convincing to believe the packages being offered by my preferred photographer were worth it. And so it was that, on a very rainy Sydney night last week, we found ourselves searching for a parking spot on the very narrow dead-end Leichhardt back street that Welsch Photography calls home.

We met with Karl, the very down to earth and warm male component of this husband and wife team. He was fantastic. They have shot a few weddings at Athol Hall, which means they know the venue well and won’t have to waste too much time on the day faffing about looking for nice scenery. And their style is exactly what I want – short on posed, cheesy photos, and long on pictures that capture moments and tell the real story of the day. I don’t want a wedding album full of awkward smiles – these guys will give us images of people having a good time without really being aware of the camera.

I also love that they throw in a bonus pre-wedding shoot (aka an engagement shoot) so Mr Sweetpants and I can learn a bit about how to position ourselves for the more  ‘positioned’ (not posed)’ photos to be taken on the wedding day. This will also give us some nice non-wedding photos of ourselves to look back on as well.

And the really good news is that this will come in slightly under budget – not by a huge amount, but enough that we’ll be able to throw some extra coins at flowers or something else I’m not all that fussed about.

It’s so exciting to be crossing more things off this extensive to-do this. As of yesterday I also have a dress (post on that to come), which leaves just the celebrant as the only outstanding ‘big ticket’ item left to lock down. If anyone knows a non-fruity, reasonably priced marriage officiant, please send me their number…


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