…to love a Royal Wedding


2011/04/18 by Elizabeth

My mum is English. And is one of those English people who still loves the Royal Family. I myself prefer The Royle Family, but I guess some of mum’s influence has rubbed off on me, as I will confess to having a bit of a soft spot for the Windsors. And I am looking forward to the impending wedding of William and ‘Waity Katie’ Middleton – even more so now that my friends Yellow Brick Road, Rebecca The Wrecker, and as yet un-blogged Franchella Funbox have decided we should have a Royal Wedding Party.

That’s right, a Royal Wedding Party. Complete with fancy dress, proper wedding cake, fake speeches, and a massive dose of pisstaking as we watch the happy couple be joined in holy matrimony in what is sure to be an intimate and deeply personal occasion for them. I will of course be taking furious notes about the details of the day – noting any suppliers Kate may have used for her candy bar and photo booth, and seeing how she dealt with the David Austins vs Standard Roses dilemma. Look out for live twitter commentary throughout.

In all seriousness, I do feel a bit sorry for Kate. On one hand, it must be nice to be in the situation where money is no object in terms of wedding planning, but on the other, I wonder how much of the day will actually represent what she wanted for her ‘big day’. I know that I’m trying very hard to ensure our wedding reflects us as a couple – it will be reasonably casual, unfussy and only involve the people we truly adore and want to share in our day (well, as many of those we adore that the budget will stretch to accommodate), and even then, I’m feeling slight pressure from family on both sides to do things a certain way.  I can only imagine the pressure one might feel if one’s in-laws were the Windsors…

Then there’s the whole Diana factor. Granted, the fact her mother-in-law is dead could be seen as a bonus (want to stress at this point that I love my future mother-in-law – Mrs Sweetpants Snr is great), but Diana’s ghost is a pretty huge spectre to have hanging over a wedding. I’m sure the BBC commentators have already got a long list of comparison statements to make about the dress, the makeup, the hair, the order of service, the quality and effectiveness of Kate’s purging, etc…

So, while I will have no hesitation in bagging out the ridiculousness of the pomp and circumstance surrounding the occasion, there will be a part of me feeling huge sympathy for Waity Katie. While on the outside, I’m sure she’ll be a picture of happiness and regal dignity, on the inside I’ll bet there’s a girl from Berkshire, staring at her dead mother-in-law’s engagement ring, wishing she could just get married in a leagues club.


7 thoughts on “…to love a Royal Wedding

  1. jane says:

    I, for one, imagine a wedding reception at a walkie or wetherspoons would go down a treat with some of them.

  2. Trixie says:

    I’m kind of interested that I have absolutely zero interest in the whole thing. Beyond a quick look at the frock in the mags afterwards.

  3. Beck says:

    this is going to be comedy gold and possibly inspiration gold, I hope you have activated your pinterest account Miss

  4. Trixie says:

    A return visit to share this very royal link with you http://www.crownjewelscondoms.com/heritage.html

  5. […] commentary on Operation Geronimo, so will turn my attention back to ‘the wedding’. As previously reported, I gathered with some girlfriends to eat baked goods and drink some rather excellent sparkling […]

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