…to wear heels


2011/03/30 by Elizabeth

Hello my pretties

I am short. As in 160cm tall short. Mr Sweetpants on the other hand, is tall. Like 181cm tall. And as much as I’m usually all about comfort when it comes to footwear, I’m conscious of that ‘you may now kiss the bride’ moment, and really don’t want my beloved to put his back out bending down to plant one on me.

So, high heeled wedding shoes it is.

Strangely enough, for someone not that fond of heels, I found my dream shoes almost straight away. Unfortunately, they were Manolo Blahniks, and thus totally out of my price range. I later discovered they were also the same ones worn by horsey Sarah Jessica Parker in one of those god-awful  Sex and the City movies – so they were definitely out.

However, I quickly found not one but two ‘cheap imitations’ on zappos.com, who inexplicably do not ship to Australia (does a free trade agreement mean nothing to these people??). But one quick email to my mate Nonny in New York overcame that obstacle, and my shoes arrived safe and sound a week or so ago. And I love them.

The really high ones are almost impossible for me to walk in at the moment, unaccustomed as I am to tottering about on painful (but pretty) spikes, but I’m practicing. At this stage, I’m thinking they will feature in ceremony and the photos, but it will be the lower heeled ones doing most of the heavy lifting on the day.

So, the only thing that’s definite about this wedding so far is what will be on my feet. Dates and venues be damned.


3 thoughts on “…to wear heels

  1. Beck says:

    Priorities princess!

  2. […] I had my heart set on wearing a cute tea-length, 50s inspired number (in part to show off my fabulous shoes). As I flip through page after page of my increasingly large pile of bridal magazines though, I […]

  3. […] myself back into shape come fitting time… Shockingly, there may be a rethink afoot in the shoe department (see what I did there?), but I can’t confirm or deny anything at this […]

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